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Nicola Jayne Burns is the creator of a remarkable and natural anti-ageing glow serum called Age-Less Glow. Nicola’s serum is made from chemical-free ingredients that are aimed at slowing down the ageing process, as well giving your skin a natural glow. The ‘Glow to Sleep’ night serum will also aid sleep due to the beautiful blend of essential oils that are included.

Nicola started her business for two reason; she had been diagnosed with Lupus SLE, and always had an interest in health and wellbeing.She spend years researching the most natural ways of slowing down the ageing process, without the use of harsh chemicals which can have a detrimental effect on our endocrine system. Each of her products are hand-made with love, in the hope of enhancing your daily routine and to help you feel at one with your true beauty.

Age-Less Glow is a blend of carrier and essential oils that will instantly change the appearance of your face due to its natural glow. The key ingredients which makes the glow in all her products is Astaxanthin, an algae that is found thousands of feet beneath the sea bed. The ingredients is responsible for making salmon red and flamingos pink.

The Age-Less Glow serum comes in 50ml and 10ml bottle’s and Nicola’s Aphrodite body oil comes in 100ml – Which can also be purchased as a gift set – an ideal all year round gift. Age-Less also offers a 100% natural tinted Glow lip balm.

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